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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Super Foods, Vitamins, & Herbs for Hair Growth & Balding - Classified Ad

Super Foods, Vitamins, & Herbs for Hair Growth & Balding - Classified Ad

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Flu Is In The Air Health Tips

               Flu is in the air

There are a many things in our lives today that effect our health, inside and outside of the home.
Many times we find that when our young ones catch a little cold, we think oh just the sniffles, he or she will be better tomorrow. Then tomorrow comes and the sniffles turned into a cough, there is a lesson to learn from this. Never put off today what you will think you will do tomorrow, remember your family Doctor is only a phone call away. Keep that number close because too many time the illness we have tends to gets worse instead of better. 
   It is our children we care about more than ourselves so why would you put something off, that important as that until later. Calling your Doctor is the best thing to do to at least get information on what kind of cold or flu medications is right , and the dosages are very important because we tend to over do it whitch can cause all sorts of more health issues or death in some cases. 
   Never try to be the Doctor lots of times we are wrong and our children suffer from our lack of knowledge. There are some ways to get different ideas like from Google or other search engines but again only use it as a outline of guidance for information. Flues, colds,and upper respiratory infections, can have similar symptoms that's why I say get them to a Doctor right away to have them run test or listen to their breathing to get the right Diagnoses.     
  Doctors cannot cure the flu but the symptoms can be treated. It is important to get plenty of nutrients during the time of illness, to keep up our strength replenish the nourishment that the body requires during this time of trouble. Encourage you little ones to eat and drink will help with faster recovery. Water is very important to at this time to avoid dehydration. If there is fever you can give your child a lukewarm, or cold bath will bring temps down. The problem with fever is if it get to high, he or she may go into convulsions I have witness this in my family in the past. It is very scary to see someone shaking at the same time lifeless unaware what is happening to them.
There are certain things you can do to help our families prevent flu and other illness inside the home use good cleaners that kill bacteria, washing our hands several times a day, keeping dirty laundry in a hamper all will help stop the spread germs in the home. Now outside the home try keeping your kids away from other families that are sick from the flu, Germs spread very quickly as they are passed person to person, and they can mutate into something worse as well. When your child goes outside to play during the colder months offer some chicken soup, nothing can warm you up better than chicken soup. Remember in the past Doctor would subscribe a warm bowl of soup to help treat the common cold, again talk to your Doctor to find out what you can do to speed the recovery time, remember
to that acting quickly can reduce risk or chances of needing hospital care until next time may you and your family be blessed with health, joy and long life.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

iamabeliever: Electric car review

iamabeliever: Electric car review: " Did you know that Ford vehicles are now 85 percent recyclable by weight? In 2009, Ford saved approximately $4.5 million by using recycle..."

Friday, September 17, 2010

Struggling to Lose Wieght ?

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010